The Turtleneck

I think I can safely say that no matter what you wear now, everybody owned and wore a turtleneck item of clothing when they were younger.

The ‘polo neck’ or ‘turtleneck’ first became popular in Europe mid 20th century. It became very popular again during the late 90s/early 2000s. Even Matt LeBlanc (Joey Tribbiani) and Courteney Cox (Monica Geller) wore the turtleneck at least once on the comedy series, Friends.


(Photos from and

However, just because you wore a turtleneck when you were younger doesn’t mean that you can’t wear them now. You just need to know how to style them.

You can take inspiration from Alexa Chung as she frequently wears turtlenecks to events and also when she is just going out with friends. (Photo from 


Here, Alexa is wearing a plain turtleneck, but she still manages to look classy and well dressed.

Instead of wearing heels she is wearing flats however, as she has tucked her turtleneck into her leather skirt it gives an edgy look. You could wear this look for any event or do.

The trick is to slightly tweak the outfit. If you were going to a party or a fancy do, I suggest wearing heels and a ‘dramatic necklace’. Make sure that you can comfortably walk in the heels and that they are appropriate for the occasion. The ‘dramatic necklace’ cannot be over the top otherwise it will draw away the attention from the turtleneck itself. If you were going out with friends, do what Alexa has done and wear flats.


If you feel like being brave then consider buying a turtleneck dress. Jesy Nelson (from little mix) and Jena Malone (from ‘Catching Fire’) both recently wore one.

(Photos from getty images and teen vogue) 

Jena went for more of a laid back look whereas Jesy wore the dress in a more ‘evening style’ way.

To keep it laid back like Jena go for a more natural/pinky lip colour and hold back on the accessories. To be more bold like Jesy go for a matte red lipstick, a smokey eye and accessorize with chunky rings and a dramatic necklace.

Dress from: 

Experiment your turtlenecks with different items of clothing. It may take some time to find the perfect look, but once you have it you have a new simple, yet classy outfit.

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