White Nails

Just a quick post… Enjoy!

Wearing white polish on your nails was a massive trend in spring/summer 2013. However, you can still wear it now (2014). The beauty of white is that you can wear it with anything and everything and it will go. You can wear white nail polish for a night out, school, or a trip to the shops.. Everything really!

My favorites are:

1) Barry M

2) Models Own

3) OPI

The OPI is rather pricey, however it does last a long time. The Barry M nail polish does chip easily and you have to apply extra coats with the Models own to get the thick, bold white colour you need.

I would go for the Barry M nail polish and apply a double top coat of your choice (I recommend No7 as the dry time is very fast and it is affordable) to ensure that the polish does not chip.

Here is how some celebrities wore the trend back in May 2013.



(Photo cosmopolitan) 

Here are my white nails!



(My photo on Instagram) 

Sorry for such the short post, I’m super busy at school but next week I will upload a longer post, but for now you can check out my Polyvore.

Good Luck,




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