Jean Dress & Seasonal Socks.. An Odd Choice Some May Say

Two years ago if you told me I would have been wearing a dress for not only a night out but also for casual wear, I would have laughed and said that you were being absolutely absurd. Back then I didn’t know what the word meant and I also didn’t know the importance of owning a dress. Reading this you may think I have gone completely mad and that I hold a very stereotypical view about all women and what they wear, but owning a dress, no matter what colour, shape, size or cut, is vital.

On Saturday afternoon, I was in Topshop desperately trying to find something special to wear for my friend’s birthday dinner. I was hoping that this ‘special something’ would be in the sale, as I don’t have a job and a reliable income, (I get paid babysitting from time to time and that’s it), so the cheaper the item, the more happy I would be, besides everyone loves a good bargain.

Unfortunately the sale didn’t live up to my high expectations. I had a few items carefully balanced across my arms, but nothing that I was overly keen for. Whilst rushing over to find the secret changing rooms (this is what me and my friends call them because they are so obscure), that’s when I saw it.

denim dress

The denim dress.

I have no idea why but as soon as I saw it I was immediately drawn to it. I asked my friend her views about the dress and she said it looked nice, (another word for boring, I think she was just trying to be polite) but, nevertheless, we both picked up one to try on.

After trying on all of the sale items which unluckily none were suitable, I had saved the best till last, which was the denim dress. When I put it on the first thing I noticed was how baggy and shapeless it was. Some people may or may not like this style but I in fact love it. I think it’s because it’s so casual and comfy and even if it doesn’t clinch in at the waist or have fancy frills, it hangs nicely on the body. I’d say this type of dress would suit everyone’s body shape/size. My friend also tried it on and the feedback she gave me was, “It’s not my thing”.

After debating with myself whether I should take the plunge and buy the dress, because it was a bit pricey for me, (it was £38 and my budget was £40) I eventually decided I would.

Seasonal socks.

bat socksI was striding to the checkout because we were already late to have lunch with another friend, but, as we passed the sock section I couldn’t resist, I decided to have a look, much to my friend’s dismay (bare in mind we had been in topshop for a couple hours and we were both incredibly hungry). As my budget was £40 I needed £2 worth more or I wouldn’t get all of my moneys worth (I was exchanging an item). I saw these bright orange bat socks and I thought they looked great and I could wear them for Halloween next year as a small, subtle touch to add to whatever my costume may be.

When it was my turn to pay, I encountered a problem. The socks were £1, meaning I had another £1 to spend. Without even asking me, my friend just grabbed a bag of topshop sweets and that was that.

When I got home to get ready for the birthday dinner I paired the dress with some necklaces, my dm boots, my winter coat and I was good to go. One of my favorite things about the denim dress is that it’s so easy to wear. It goes with anything and you can wear it for any occasion!

Here is how I would normally style this dress:

Denim Dress


If you didn’t necessarily like that style, I’ve picked out four other denim dresses that you might prefer instead:


Denim Faves

Topshop blue dress

Oasis short sleeve denim dress
$74 –

River Island blue dress
$58 –

And that’s it! This has been quite a long post, sorry if I waffled on. I hope you have some new ideas by reading this, feel free to message me if you have any questions on this or regarding whatever.
Thanks for reading,
Good Luck,
Amelia xxx

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