Hair Savior #2

Hi everyone,

This will be just a quick post as I’m writing this on at school. The time is currently 13:40 and my lunch break ends at 14:00. Challenge accepted.

If you follow me on instagram then you will know I posted a picture of my hair braided, so then in the morning my hair would be slightly wavy when I undid the braid. I am just posting this on this blog in case you missed it.

Here it is..

I did explain in the caption how I achieved this.


‘#toptip if you’re bored of your hair and want a small change.. When you come out of the shower let your hair air dry until slightly damp and then plait it. Next morning just undo plait and you’re good to go, if you want give it a quick spritz of hair spray to make the waves hold. No heat required and gives subtle waves ☺️ If you want super wavy hair plait two or more sections of your hair tightly. #hair #basictips 💇💇 ps I added a little bow to make it look pretty 😊 ‘

What I didn’t put on instagram is the after look.. So here I am the next day. Please excuse the Pjs!

photo (4)

Time now is 13:57 and teacher has just walked through door, I just need to post and then i’ll be on my way. I hope you have a lovely day!

Thanks for reading,

– Amelia xxx


T w i t t e r 

T u m b l r 


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