Ed Sheeran Concert

Hi everyone, Sorry I haven’t updated in ages! I’ve been so busy with a-levels! Anyway, I have a really exciting post today, please enjoy… 

Ed Sheeran

As a late birthday present I went to see my favourite singer, Ed Sheeran on Sunday, the 12th October at the London O2 arena in East London. It was the second time I saw him and it was incredible! See an instagram photo here X, X, X

Whenever I go to gig or concerts I always take as little as I can. This is because I don’t want to worry about any of my items getting lost or missing.

My Essentials Are:

  • Oyster card (if you live in London) or travel pass
  • Money (perhaps for merchandise, food & water, travel money and/ or emergency money)
  • Phone (for pretty obvious reasons)
  • Camera (if your phone doesn’t take good quality photos- however, make sure it’s a compact camera)
  • Tickets!
  • Water (keep yourself hydrated)

It can get hot inside arenas so I would recommend wearing either a skirt or leggings (jeans might get too hot) with a short sleeve top, (you can wear a long sleeve top like I did but only if it’s light). Bring a light weight coat/ jumper for when you leave. Try and bring a jumper/coat with long sleeves so you can tie it around your waist.

Here is a rough example of what I wore. I didn’t take a coat as I didn’t want to carry it (the Ed Sheeran concert was standing so I couldn’t leave it on a seat).

Ed Sheeran Concert

Monki knit shirt
$44 – monki.com

H M legging
$13 – hm.com

NIKE black white shoes
$110 – office.co.uk

Thank you so much for reading,

A longer post will follow soon,



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