On the 27th March, I saw Let It Be with three of my friends, Eliza, Imani and Millie. Here’s the trailer for the production below:

On a hard days night* I was scrolling through groupon to see if I could find a cheap shellac manicure (normally they have very good deals) when I stumbled across half price tickets to see Let It Be. As I am a Beatles fan I thought it would be a perfect treat, and a friend of my mum had been before and she said it was amazing, so really it was a no brainer. Paying for the tickets was relatively easy, I just had to type in some voucher codes on the booking website, and hey presto, we had tickets!

When the day finally arrived we were all so excited! After getting a bite to eat in the barbican we then went to the theatre to pick up the tickets. We had ‘restricted view’ (probably why the tickets were half price) but it wasn’t too bad, it was actually pretty decent.

Here’s our view:


I was really surprised as Let It Be is like a concert, there wasn’t really a plot- just in between changing sets, there were clips playing on the t.vs (you can see them on the right). In a way it made it even better as ‘The Beatles’ played over 40 songs!

‘The Beatles’ were great performers and they really interacted with the audience. They were encouraging us to get up off our seats to sing and dance and fill in parts of the songs. It was a lot of fun!

Overall I was very impressed by the costumes, singing, and the amazing Liverpudlian accents! I definitely recommend going to see it! If that’s not possible here‘s the set list so you can have a little party of your own!


I’ve always loved The Beatles, but now I’m going through a sort of obsession.. and I completely understand Beatlemania! To find out even more about Beatles I watched ‘A Hard Day’s Night’ (1964), ‘Help’ (1965) and ‘Nowhere Boy’ (2009). I really recommend watching them, even if you’re not a Beatles fan they are very interesting.

I  made a ‘The Beatles Wind Down’ playlist on 8tracks but i’m new to it and somehow it won’t publish. My wizzy tech friend has said she’ll help so i’m sure we can work it out*. Until it’s published here are the songs:

the beatles wind down









Calming tunes by The Beatles. Use before bed, in bath, to study or just to chill out.
-A.B x

I also love the 60s/ late 70s fashion, so i’ll make a set into how you can incorporate the style with todays.

Hope you are having a lovely morning/afternoon/evening,

– Amelia x

P.s: this is not sponsored!

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*I am sorry  **I am so sorry



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