Avocado and poached eggs breakfast 

Hello everyone, I hope you all had a happy Easter! 

For this morning’s breakfast I had poached egg ontop of avacado on toast! It’s absoulutely delicious and very easy to make. 


You will need:

– 2 eggs

– Half an avocado (mash up using a fork and spread evenly on the toast)

– Toast (or crackers- whatever floats your boat)

– Vinegar, I normally use white but I’ve heard that rice vinegar is very good to hold the egg together

To Make:

(Only do this one egg at a time- when the first egg is ready, repeat for your second egg) 

1) Fill up your pan with hot water

2) Add a couple drops of vinegar

3) Crack your egg into a small bowl

4) Using the wrong end of a spoon (the straight bit) start swirling the water in a circular motion so it creates a mini whirlpool

5) Pour in your egg (from the bowl) into the whirlpool. If it starts to separate use the correct end of the spoon and gently push it back together

6) Let it cook for 5-10 mins (depending on how high the heat is) and when ready carefully place eggs on your avocado toast

7) Consume! Perhaps season with salt or pepper!

Thanks for reading,

All my love,

Amelia x

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