Shopping Sunday: Nike and Intimissimi

// Shopping Sunday // 

(With playlist)

Good evening everyone!

Over the weekend I went out shopping and I thought I’d share two of my purchases.

First things first (I’m the realest) I went into Intimissimi and I bought a two piece grey lounge wear set. I use them as PJs because they are so comfy and soft.

IMG_2534 IMG_2535 IMG_2536 IMG_2537

The top has pockets, the darker grey area, which is really handy because that’s where I keep my phone as the bottoms don’t have any.

Then I went to the Nike store and bought some new running leggings. I am constantly buying pairs of these because I participate in a fair amount of sports, and I feel more motivated when I have proper gear (maybe that’s just me!).

IMG_2530IMG_2531 IMG_2532IMG_2533

They have stripes on one side and dots on the other, very stretchy and comfy! I will wear them when I go running, cycling, and for long hikes if it’s particularly windy.

I looked online for the clothes to link them, but I couldn’t find them. However, I’m sure they would be in most stores!

Below is my workout playlist, in case anyone needed any songs to push them to the limit!


^ This one is the rap one- I use this when I go running.

If you have any song suggestions, please comment below!

Thank you for reading,

Sorry this is a quick post! I’m currently taking my a-level exams so i’m very busy! However, they end on the 4th June, not long now!

Until next time,

Amelia x

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