Hello everyone!

I am free – I am on summer holidays after having completing my last A2 exam yesterday. Now, I am currently sat on a train, typing away, where the motion is making me feel nauseous. I went out yesterday, obviously, to celebrate and I tried out a new makeup look which I thought I would share with you.

Last weekend I was going through my drawers, organising and the like, and found my ‘autograph’ (by M&S) palate. I know what you’re thinking.. but actually it is pretty good! Ever since Rosie Hungtington-Whitely became their brand ambassador and created new makeup, the company and quality have gone up hill.

The eye shadows are so sparkly and I tried to take a photo of this, but my phone didn’t really pick it up very well.



I’ve numbered the shadows as I don’t think they have actual names. Firstly, I placed 5 on my eyelid and placed a small amount of 1 in the centre. Secondly, I blended 4 into my crease and the outer corner of my eye. It’s such a pretty gold colour and is so shimmery! To create even more depth to my eye, I placed a small amount of 7 in the outer, outer edge of my eye. Thirdly, I placed 1 on the inner corner of eye, where the tear duct is, to make my eyes pop! Lastly, I got a small brush and lined my eye with 3.


This look is so easy to create and the colours go so well together, just remember to blend! I’m pretty sure Maybeline do a similar colour palate for under a fiver! I’m not sure how much my Autograph one was as it was a gift!

(Flash and no flash)

I will be in the countryside for a few days to catch up on sleep and to help my Grandma pack as she is moving house. I will be able to write more regularly as I am on holidays, so will write more blog posts shorty!


Amelia xx

p.s: my makeup brushes are real techniques!


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