Helix/ cartilage

Hello everyone,

I have been thinking about getting a new ear piercing for a while now as I think it’s a great way to accessorise and it is fun!

I really liked the look of a ‘double helix’ (or cartilage if you will) so I finally got it done!

FullSizeRender 4

It’s a bit pink as it is still sore!

I got a stud this time as I thought it might have been tricky to take care of with two hoops. My lower piercing (the hoop) I got done a while ago and it is perfectly healed! Hopefully my new one will be just as good!

I went to Metal Morphosis on Hackney road and the man there was simply wonderful! He really put me and my friend at ease. We had to wait for about half and hour, and as an apology for the long wait, the piercer gave us both a free bottle of solution to clean the earring – very generous!

For those who don’t know Metal Morphosis currently have a pop up shop in Topshop in London (they have had it for a couple years now) and they are renowned for their excellent service. However, it is very expensive there as it is central and (obviously) very popular. Because of this, their prices are a lot higher then the one on Hackney road. Since I went to Hackney, it only cost me £10! What a barg! In Topshop it would have been £30.

To clean my new piercing I will use the solution twice a day, and in the mornings wash gently with a salt and warm water mix. I will update you the progress.

If anyone has any tips please leave below!


Amelia xxx


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