Books, glorious books!

Hello everyone,

I am a great lover of books and am constantly buying more and more. Because of this, I try to buy copies second hand. Not only is this cost effective, but, more importantly, it is much better for the environment!

Here are some books that I have picked up in the last month. However, a lot of them were given to me, so to avoid confusion, I will outline the purchases below…

What I bought:

  • Moon Time – £3.50 Ebay (incl packaging)
  • The Complete Novels, George Orwell – £2.50 (charity shop in Kent)
  • Mansfield Park – 50p (charity shop in Kent)
  • The Book Lovers’ Companion – £4.00 Ebay (incl packaging)
  • Art Treasures of the World – £5.50 (from a book stall along Southbank)
  • Tess of the d’Urbervilles – £2.99 Oxfam Books
  • Far from the Madding Crowd – £2.99 Oxfam Books
  • Wuthering Heights – £2.99 Oxfam Books (forgot to add to bookshelf for picture!)

I will crack on and try to read all, if not at least half before the end of the holidays. I will then be off to university to study English Literature (hopefully)! Fingers crossed!



Amelia xxx


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