University update: End of term 1!

Hello everyone!

I have been meaning to write a blog post to update you all on how university is going, but I’ve been so busy reading, studying, and partaying, that I have had no time!

Overall I am throughly enjoying it. You do get ups and downs, but that comes with anything really. First of all, I love my course! I’ve been studying two modules, ‘Eras of English’ and ‘Plays in Performance’.’Eras of English’ is learning and understanding the context behind great, famous texts. The time span is from Anglo-Saxon to modern day. It’s amazing to think how far language has come from Caedmon’s Hymn or Beowulf, to The Wasteland or The Bell Jar. ‘Plays in Performance’ is similar, but I looked at plays from Ancient Greek to the 20th century. From Mummers plays to Shakespeare, and to Restoration comedy of manners.

When I first got there however, I was very overwhelmed. You’re placed in a completely new environment and you’re outside your comfort zone. The first couple of weeks were tough. I even get bad days now, where I miss my family, friends and home. But, you must remember that whatever university you go to, it will be your home for a certain period of time and it’s important to get accustomed and adjusted. I will write a post in due course about how to overcome homesickness etc.

To begin with the workload was alarming and demanding. However, upon reflection, I believe that this is due to the long break of my summer holidays; where I didn’t write any essays, or even stick to a timetable for a long period of time. Once I got into the habit of waking up early, I could organise my time accordingly and I then got into a routine. This helped immensely with surviving deadlines.

For now this is all I have to say, but I will write another update soon. I even plan to write a brief  ‘survival guide’, in which I will include what to actually bring to university.

Until then,

Amelia x



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