Anti-Fur Protest at LFW

18/02/17 outside London Fashion Week

Every year the fur industry is responsible for the death of one billion rabbits and 50million other animals – including foxes, minks, dogs, cats, raccoons, chinchillas, seals and many more.

Most of these animals are raised in fur farms, intensive facilities where the animals are kept in tiny cages and confined to a life of misery.

These farms can hold thousands of animals and are designed to specifically maximise profits. These animals go insane performing psychotic, repetitive behaviours such as circling endlessly in their cages, as well as cannibalism and self-mutilation.

The most common methods of killing animals in fur farms is anal electrocution, gassing, poisoning or stomping on the animals and breaking their necks.

These are all done to try and preserve the quality of the fur.

Ed Winters, co-founder of Surge. (Source)

More writing on this topic to follow…

– A x


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