…or go to my about me page.

What’s your name?

– Amelia.

How old are you?

– 18.

Where are you from?

– London.

Stuff you like?

– I’m still editing my about me page, will post soon!

Social links?

– Look at my social section. The top left of my blog, or look down in the footer.

Will you follow me?

– Your blog? If we share similar interests then yes. Send me your twitter and insta accounts, I love to say hello!

What do you study?

– At A level: English lit, history of art and politics.

– Now reading English lit at university (BA hons)

Can I message you privately?

– Of course you can, here is my contact page.

Do you have any other blogs?

– Nope, just this one!

Can you help me with my theme?

– I’m not very good at codes but I can give it a go 🙂

What does song/ w mean?

– It’s my song of the week! Click here to visit previous editions.

Can you make me a music playlist please?

– Yes of course. Just send me what type and i’ll get right to it! (Some are coming soon). If you can’t wait, then go on my music page.

↑ but with films?

– Yes! Just give me what mood your in.

Can i ask you a question?

– YES! What are you waiting for?!


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