Books, glorious books!

Hello everyone, I am a great lover of books and am constantly buying more and more. Because of this, I try to buy copies second hand. Not only is this cost effective, but, more importantly, it is much better for the environment! Here are some books that I have picked up in the last month. However, a […]

Helix/ cartilage

Hello everyone, I have been thinking about getting a new ear piercing for a while now as I think it’s a great way to accessorise and it is fun! I really liked the look of a ‘double helix’ (or cartilage if you will) so I finally got it done! I got a stud this time […]


Hello everyone! I am free – I am on summer holidays after having completing my last A2 exam yesterday. Now, I am currently sat on a train, typing away, where the motion is making me feel nauseous. I went out yesterday, obviously, to celebrate and I tried out a new makeup look which I thought […]

Bookclub: To Read!

Hello everyone! Today this post will be specially dedicated to my fellow bookworms.. I have finally been starting to use my GoodReads account, and you may have noticed added some ‘To Read’ books at the bottom of my blog…  If you have not checked yet, here is the list: The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. […]


Hello! You internet wizards have probably already hopped on this trend, however, I have just made myself… a pinterest account. How fantastic, all of my ideas in one place! This will help with inspiration for my new room, fitness plans, recipees and more! Follow me here. All my love, Amelia xxx